PAPERHANGER is a Parody of one sequence in the movie <CLIFFHANGER> (1993). I watched this movie when I was very young.

And that sequence came to my mind sometimes even when I grew up. That sequence had a very strong tragedic image to me.

So I thought, "Why not make something fun, make a parody, based on this tragedic sequence?"

So that's how PAPERHANGER came out.


 HD video, stereo sound, 2min. 15sec.

Film by Helen Kim


Directing/ Helen Kim

Concept Art, Baby, Rendering, Compositing/ Michel Donze

Crew/ Park Sung Hyun, Kang Han Byul, Moon Su Hong, Lee Eun Ji, Hwang Yu Hyun

Voice/ Bae Jeong Eun, Kim Yoo Ram

Paperman Rigging/ Lee Seok Kwan

Advisor/ prof. Ha Joon Su, prof. Jean Julian Pous, Hur Sung Whe, Lee Sung Tek

Special Thanks to/ Oh Si Ryong, Han Bo Young, Kim Ga Gyeong, Kim Soo Jung, Kim Min Jung, Lee Yeh Won, Jo Yeh Won, Choi Yu Ra